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Jasper as Writer

Where would I recommend you start? If you’re a fiction-lover like me, maybe you would enjoy a story about an occult ritual with an old cell phone. If you prefer poems, why not try this piece of doggerel, about a cat who ran away. As far as essays, read this hybrid recipe about childhood and tacos or a travelogue about two Tibetan printmaking monasteries.

Further Highlights

Selected fiction includes a story about sexual frustration and bringing in the weed harvest, a collaboration with a painter that led to a multimedia tale of electricity and loss, and a story about a lonely guy finding connection despite himself.

Poetry selections include a totalitarian poem about a coastal city, a meditation on a seep of water coming out of a bluff, and my ode to April 2014.

Selected essays include a discussion of music and power, an appreciation of stovetop espresso and the classic moka pot, a comparison of astral projection and satellite photography, and a close look at the interplay of internet platforms and the work of the writer.

Please find the latest writing on this website below. Find my full publication list here.