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My free, independent newsletter is the best way to keep up with my work—and it means you’ll receive semi-regular essays on cooking, making books, and life as an artist and parent. Receiving an issue of Lightplay should feel like getting a letter from an old friend. Let’s stay in touch.



A photograph of a gate opening in a hedge.

024 – Making an Entrance

A photo of an orange traffic cone with a white flower pushed in the top.

023 – Copaganda Comes for E-Bikes

A close-up photo of red and pink flowers.

022 – Healing a Space

A photo of a rental scooter draped with a pink fabric, leaning against a lightpole on a city street.

021 – Begin Again

020 – Night/Light

An image of a raven soaring over Los Angeles

019 – We Need a National Gun Violence Memorial

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A photo of a sunset, the rays forming bars as they pass through a cloud.

018 – The Old Weird Internet (Never Died)

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017 – Taco Story

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016 – Music and Power

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A picture of a tiny, green espresso cup and saucer, the cup full of black espresso.

015 – Espresso

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014 – Utopian Proposals

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013 – Chronos, Nomads, Fruit

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012 – the Lost Travelogue

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011 – Rainbow

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010 – American Trip

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009 – The Strangest Summer

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008 – Bread

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007 – Change the Name!

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006 – A Post-Protest Popsicle

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005 – Recipe for a Protest Movement

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004 – Beyond the Kitchen Window

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003 – Sauerkraut

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002 – the Great Sandwich

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001 – Salsa Ranchera

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2015 Travelogue: China, Tibet, Thailand

8 – Three Ecstatic Moments

7 – The Amateur Mountaineers

6 – Two Tibetan Print Houses

5 – A Hill With a View

4 – Wachang to Litang

3 – Muli Monastery to Wachang

2 – Kunming to Muli Monastery

1 – San Francisco to Hong Kong