Hello! I’m Jasper Luna Nighthawk. I’m a writer.

I’m also a writing teacher. And I design things, mostly books and websites. It all springs from one font: loving words, the forms they take, and the people who work with them.

My writing walks through the genres of science fiction, speculative fiction, fantasy, alternate history, experimental writing, autofiction, poetry, and the essay. I keep a list of where my work is published; much is available online.

I publish Lightplay—an email newsletter that I try to make into a little, lovingly prepared treat. You can read its archives here on this website.

For my day job, I work as the University Storyteller of Antioch University. I write news articles and profiles as well as editing a vibrant group of other writers. I also host the Seed Field Podcast, where we interview important thinkers from the Antioch community.

I serve as the graphic designer for the Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference where I’m also the creative director of Noyo Review.

As a writing tutor I specialize in academic coaching, coaching the college admissions essay, and leading custom creative writing lessons.

My teaching work has taken me into classrooms from the elementary to the college level. For seven years I served as a poet-teacher through California Poets in the Schools, bringing poetry lessons to thousands of public school students. I have also taught English composition and creative writing at the community college level.

My education has included stops at Harvard College, where I concentrated in Slavic Languages and Literature, and at Antioch University, where I completed an MFA in Creative Writing.

Beyond writing, my passions are travelling, cooking in the home kitchen, designing and building furniture and cabins, playing basketball, thinking about light, and working for racial, social, and climate justice.

I live in Los Angeles and on the Mendocino Coast with my partner Lisa Locascio Nighthawk and our cat Sybil, who is named after the sibilant, favorite sound of cats across the galaxy.


Short Bio

Jasper Nighthawk is a writer, teacher, and designer. His writing has appeared in Joyland, Juked, 7×7, Lunch Ticket, and Your Impossible Voice. It also appears in Lightplay, his free email newsletter. He works as the University Storyteller of Antioch University. He has an AB from Harvard College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch Los Angeles. He lives in Los Angeles and on the Mendocino Coast with his partner and their cat.

Contact Jasper

Jasper Nighthawk
P.O. Box 21 Mendocino, CA 95460