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The Published Works of Jasper Nighthawk


REPORT FROM A COASTAL CITYSlouching Beast Journal, July 2021
The Liveliest of Several Seeps, Fiction Presents Her Closing Statement, and Tidepool Haiku – Mendocino Arts Magazine, Spring 2019

Cat Gone Two Weeks – Mendocino County Anthology 2016, Fall 2016
Society of Scribblers
– MPITS website, Fall 2016
Ode to April, 2014 – Noyo River Review, Fall 2015
Translation of “Lift” by Sergei Tretyakov – Summer 2011
Flesh Geometry – chapbook, self-published in Spring 2008
Poem 5 and Three Droughts Running Water – Todd Point Review, Fall 2007


Antioch Under the Bodhi TreeAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2022
The Passport NightmareLunch Ticket, Winter 2019
The View From 10,000 FeetLunch Ticket, Fall 2018
Packing Up BooksLunch Ticket, Summer 2018
Letter From District 7 – The Harvard Crimson, 10/14/11
Recline and Fall – Tuesday Magazine, Spring 2010
A Textbook Revolution – Adbusters, July 2009

Lightplay Newsletter and Travelogues

See at Lightplay archive


Becoming a National UniversityAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2022
The FBI’s Plot to Discredit AntiochAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2022
At the Intersection of Activism and CareerAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2022
Helping Overcome AddictionAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2021
Connections Beyond GraduationAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2021
Students Embody Breadth of EdD’s New Multicultural and Antiracist ConcentrationCommon Thread, December 2021
A Tale of Two School Districts: Antioch Alums Have Outsize Impact in Chesterfield and BrattleboroAntioch Alumni Magazine, October 2020


With Hybrid Approach, PhD Director Shows Way Forward for Environmental StudiesCommon Thread, January 2023
Wendy Ortiz: The Importance of Writing When the World Wishes You Wouldn’tAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2022
Promoting Literacy Education as a Key for Social JusticeCommon Thread, August 2022
José Ramos-Horta: A Champion for PeaceAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2021
By App or By InternshipAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2021
Helping Black Students by Teaching Their TeachersCommon Thread, September 2021
Making the World Better One Mentorship at a TimeCommon Thread, July 2021
Coaching Foster Girls to ThriveCommon Thread, June 2021
A Post-Mudslide Career Change Leads to JoyCommon Thread, June 2021
Therapist Champions Somatic Experiencing Modality to Heal TraumaCommon Thread, June 2021
Disability Activist Joins Key Psychology CommitteesCommon Thread, May 2021
Love of Living Beings Leads to Environmental Activism and EducationCommon Thread, March 2021
Reforming City Planning from the Intersection of Art, Activism, and CommunityCommon Thread, March 2021
Trans Leader Raises Awareness of Aggressions Small and LargeCommon Thread, January 2021
Treating School Violence, William Ketterer Uses Theory and Effective ToolsCommon Thread, December 2020
PsyD Grad Receives APA Award for Work on School ViolenceCommon Thread, November 2020
At the United Nations, Etta Jackson Maps Out A More Prosperous WorldCommon Thread, November 2020
Three PhD Students Are “With Each Other to the End”Common Thread, November 2020
MHSA Student Builds on Past Experience, Prepares for Career of ServiceCommon Thread, November 2020
Supporting Voices and Telling Stories: Tracy Rector is Doing the WorkAntioch Alumni Magazine, October 2020
Toward Climate Justice: Hop Hopkins Helps Steer the Environmental MovementAntioch Alumni Magazine, October 2020
Climbing Everest and Empowering Women: Sara Safari Is on a MissionCommon Thread, July 2020
Former Banker Works to Expand Access to Knowledge EconomyCommon Thread, June 2020
Learning Through Cupcakes: Baker Hopes to Spread Kitchen KnowledgeCommon Thread, May 2020
Breaking Cycles of Violence, Conflict, and Trauma: Student’s Focus on Peace-Building is Born of Deep ExperienceCommon Thread, May 2020

News Articles

Carole Isom-Barnes Reflects on First Year Chairing Antioch’s Board of Governors – with co-author Antoinette Wiley, Common Thread, September 2023
Victoria Chang Wins 2023 Chowdhury Prize in LiteratureCommon Thread, March 2023
Antioch Spotlight: MEd Alum Danny CordsCommon Thread, March 2023
Through Two Years of COVID, University-Wide Effort Has Helped Students Succeed Common Thread, February 2022
Cool Course: Educating Black Girls to ThriveCommon Thread, April 2021
Training Model Invented at AU Seattle Finds Big AudienceCommon Thread, April 2021
The Three C’s – Laurien Alexandre Captures Three Principles Underlying Antioch ProgramsCommon Thread, March 2021
Podcast Opens New Way to Accomplish Core Literary MissionCommon Thread, February 2021
Fostering Racial Justice and Transformative Change, GSLC Launches Certificate ProgramsCommon Thread, January 2021
Helping Students Impact Their Communities Leads to Big AwardCommon Thread, January 2021
Fighting the “Concrete Ceiling,” Antioch Relaunches Women in Leadership CertificateCommon Thread, December 2020
Special Waldorf Cohort in EdD Program Aims to Support a MovementCommon Thread, November 2020
Lorraine Mangione Chairs MPA Annual ConventionCommon Thread, November 2020
Faculty Participate in National Conversations on Social ResponsivenessCommon Thread, November 2020
Two PsyD Faculty Receive Fellow Status at APACommon Thread, November 2020
Serving Community at a Distance: the Women’s Education Program Adapts to the PandemicCommon Thread, November 2020
AUNE Psychology Team Explores Why Older Women Choose to Keep WorkingCommon Thread, November 2020
Research Team Presents Workshop on Social PrivilegeCommon Thread, November 2020
Partnership Leads to Launch of Masters in Humane EducationCommon Thread, November 2020
Voices From the Pandemic: Antioch New England PsyD Alumni Showcase Their Vital RolesAntioch Alumni Magazine, October 2020
After Initial Success Antioch to Continue Offering Free Online Courses During CrisisCommon Thread, June 2020
Free Therapy Program Connects Those in Need With Student TraineesCommon Thread, May 2020
After More Than 12,500 Observations in Single Day, Organizers Plan More Socially Distant BioblitzesCommon Thread, May 2020
Birds, Bigotry, and Grief in Four Parts — AUSB Student’s Play To Be Staged in NYCCommon Thread, April 2020

Written Interviews

At the Intersection of Activism and CareerAntioch Alumni Magazine, December 2022
The Social Determinants of Death from COVID-19Common Thread, April 2020


Focus on the Draft – Harvard Extension School, November 2023
Writing the Perfect College Essay – webinar for Signet Education, June 2020
On Creative Reading – Wesleyan University, February 2017

Podcast Host

We All Aspire to Be Life-Long Learners—How Can Universities Support Us?The Seed Field Podcast, December 2023
Panel Discussion: Careers at the Intersection of Education and JusticeThe Seed Field Podcast, November 2023
School Librarians Are Essential, So Why Are These Jobs Disappearing?The Seed Field Podcast, November 2023
Supporting Non-Traditional Learners Starts With Respecting Their KnowledgeThe Seed Field Podcast, November 2023
The Students Healing Educational Trauma by Studying Literature, History, Art, and PhilosophyThe Seed Field Podcast, June 2023
Taking Emotional Intelligence Seriously Helps Us Cultivate Great Places to LearnThe Seed Field Podcast, May 2023
Cultural Self-Assessment Is a Practice With Transformative PotentialThe Seed Field Podcast, April 2023
Centuries of Oppression Built the Racial Wealth Gap. Can Black Entrepreneurs Heal It?The Seed Field Podcast, March 2023
Co-Designing With Marginalized Communities Requires Curiosity, Being Quiet, and Sharing PowerThe Seed Field Podcast, February 2023
Ask Students to Solve Sustainability Problems, and They Will Learn and Grow EmpoweredThe Seed Field Podcast, January 2023
Writing for Film and Stage Requires Collaboration—and Sometimes Just Doing It YourselfThe Seed Field Podcast, December 2022
We Can Build an Equitable Economy By Starting Small—and Right NowThe Seed Field Podcast, December 2022
Alum Panel: The Intersection of Activism and CareerThe Seed Field Podcast, November 2022
Understanding and Treating Addiction on a Societal and Individual LevelThe Seed Field Podcast, September 2022
Using Somatic Therapy to Understand the Trauma in Our BodiesThe Seed Field Podcast, September 2022
Antioch and Otterbein Leaders Discuss First of its Kind National University System The Seed Field Podcast, August 2022
BONUS EPISODE: Destigmatizing SexThe Seed Field Podcast, August 2022
Developing Math and Science Literacy Means Moving Beyond the “Right” AnswerThe Seed Field Podcast, May 2022
To Grow Emotional Literacy, a Classroom Must Become a CommunityThe Seed Field Podcast, May 2022
Expanding Our Definition of Literacy is Necessary for JusticeThe Seed Field Podcast, April 2022
Stuck On Autopilot, We Ignore Daily Injustices. Can Art Shake Us Awake?The Seed Field Podcast, March 2022
We Need to Face Racism. Womanism Offers a Path Towards HealingThe Seed Field Podcast, March 2022
When Toxic Behavior Is Tolerated at Work, Good People Quit. Is There a Different Way?The Seed Field Podcast, March 2022
The Tools of Sex Therapy Can Nurture Healthier RelationshipsThe Seed Field Podcast, February 2022
In Place of Fear and Shame, We Need Sex-Positive EducationThe Seed Field Podcast, February 2022
Beyond ‘The Talk’—Supporting Young People As They Explore Sexuality and GenderThe Seed Field Podcast, January 2022
BONUS EPISODE: Teaching for Social JusticeThe Seed Field Podcast, January 2022
BONUS EPISODE: Environmental Justice and Environmental Education at AntiochThe Seed Field Podcast, December 2021
To Find Solutions to Our Most Global Problems, We Must Go Into the FieldThe Seed Field Podcast, December 2021
Art Therapy Can Provide Healing Beyond WordsThe Seed Field Podcast, November 2021
Leadership Is Worth Studying—And ReformingThe Seed Field Podcast, October 2021
Envisioning a Writing World Full of Good Literary Citizens with Victoria ChangThe Seed Field Podcast, October 2021
To Heal Our Communities, We Need to Explore the Unconscious MindThe Seed Field Podcast, September 2021
To Reopen Schools, Teachers Took Their Students Outside. Should They Stay There?The Seed Field Podcast, September 2021
BONUS EPISODE: Lessons from Season OneThe Seed Field Podcast, August 2021
Reflect, Act, Repeat. How Cycles of Inquiry Help Us Challenge Dominant NarrativesThe Seed Field Podcast, August 2021
To Have Just Classrooms, We Must Decolonize and Reimagine Our DisciplinesThe Seed Field Podcast, July 2021
How Affirmation Helps Queer Youth Thrive Despite Ongoing DiscriminationThe Seed Field Podcast, June 2021
Why Antioch’s Chancellor Believes Universities Must Build and Protect DemocracyThe Seed Field Podcast, June 2021
How We Can Support Children Through Hard Times By Being Better ListenersThe Seed Field Podcast, May 2021
A Problem as Big as Climate Change Calls for Diverse Ways of KnowingThe Seed Field Podcast, April 2021
To Create a World Where All Can Thrive, Education Must ChangeThe Seed Field Podcast, March 2021
How Therapy is Evolving to Support Mental Health in Unprecedented TimesThe Seed Field Podcast, March 2021
What Adult Education Can Show Us About Educating for Anti-RacismThe Seed Field Podcast, March 2021

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