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Jasper Nighthawk, writer.

I write essays, stories, and poetry. I’m currently in the middle of drafting a book-length essay, and I’m in the later stages of publishing a chapbook of totalitarian poems.

Other roles I play in the world:

– University Storyteller at Antioch University
– Designer for Noyo Review
– Micro- and macro-blogging at
– Writing my monthly Lightplay newsletter


The best way to follow my work is by subscribing to my newsletter. Join me for informal essays on cooking, making books, and life as a writer. Published with the full moon.

I published my first newspaper piece (an account of a clairvoyant dream) in 2003, and I established this website in 2014. I have published many pieces in the intervening years, both here and around the web. Here are some selections:

I still believe the personal webpage is the most humane invention of the internet age. Thank you for visiting mine.