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This Blog Post Will Delete Itself

This being my fourth or fifth attempt at blogospherical brilliance, here’s a post that I will delete just as soon as there is something better to put down. Perhaps a beautiful poem that I don’t think can be published anywhere else? Maybe a silly story about myself? Maybe something from the archives?

I can hardly expect this blog to sop up too much of my time. However, I would like to build a small body of work out there in netlandia. I would like to be just famous enough that people say, Who is that guy again, I’ve heard that name before. And then they look up my website and find this, and they say, Hmm, maybe I haven’t heard of him. And then they go back to obsessively checking their Twitter statistics.

I’m with Emily on the topic of fame, “How public, like the frog / To sing your name the livelong day / To an admiring bog.” Well, bog, here I am. And mom, thanks for making it this far into my fifth inaugural blog post. It’s all for you. (And V.)