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Travelogue 5: A Hill With A View

Dear Travelogue Readers — 
For this installment of the travelogue it’s obvious to me that the pictures I took tell a different and more interesting story than my words would. What is there for me to say? I climbed a hill. It was steeper than it looked. Halfway up it snowed for a bit, and I hid with some Nederlanders under a boulder next to a blasted monastic building. Eventually the others turned back. The view was very beautiful at the top.

Thanks for reading my travelogue — expect another installment about the printing monastery at Derge in the next day or two. I invite you to forward this to a friend if you enjoy it, and if you’re new to the travelogue you can subscribe to receive future installments at this link. 
                                                                                                                               Jasper Henderson
                                                                                                                               9 November 2015

A mountain pass between Litang and Ganzi.

Jasper’s Travelogue – 5

A Hilltop in a Valley West of Ganzi

I’m staying at a monastery called Talam Khang in the valley west of Ganzi.

Also staying at the monastery are a couple from the Netherlands (Edger and Hilde) and a couple from Germany (Lea and Martin). The monks feed us tsampa in the mornings. It’s a beautiful place.

I aspire to summit one of the snowy peaks to the south, but the others want to climb this hill to the north.
A video of the summit.
Two days later as I try to hitch out of Talam Khang I find these dogs eating a yak carcass.