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Vote For Jill Stein? Six Arguments For, Deflated

. Dear Friends and Family — .          I know that many of us are looking towards the coming election with dread. Any semblances of reason and hope seem to be missing. Our political system seems broken. And so, naturally, we look for a third option. And there is someone on the left who would happily take your vote: Green Party candidate Jill Stein. But to vote for Stein is in fact to use faulty reasoning. In essence, it means voting against your best interests. In the following essay I address — and deflate — six arguments in favor of… Read More »Vote For Jill Stein? Six Arguments For, Deflated

Translation of “Lift” by Sergei Tretyakov

. Here’s a translation of an obscure Russian poem that I completed five years ago.  Although the translation takes a few liberties, I hope these help capture something of the playfulness of the original. I found this poem in the great anthology Poetry of the Silver Age (Поэзия Серебряного века) published in Moscow by EKSMO in 2002. . Lift . by Sergei Tretyakov . You in darkness read, like a cat, Small print on snowdrifts. Vertical is our common path, The singsong lift. Just us two in this mobile pantry. We’ll flirt! Don’t flinch, with a gaze that’s stingy, From the wreath of myrtle. After all, you know, at… Read More »Translation of “Lift” by Sergei Tretyakov

Mr. Buff

. This is the end of the line. All that’s left is Mr. Buff. And he’s in the middle of a mud bath.