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In May, my partner and I visited Bodie, a ghost town on the far side of the Sierra Nevada, between Bishop and Reno. It was a strange place, a slice of the old West. .

Lecture: Creative Reading

On February 23, 2017, I gave a talk at Wesleyan University, sponsored by the Center for Pedagogical Innovation and the English department. Titled “Creative Reading,” the lecture is an exploration of the deeper implications of a liberal arts education and the place of imagination in academic inquiry. I discuss techniques of creative visualization that I use with poetry students, in my own reading, and as a citizen. A student kindly made the following recording. (I reserve the copyright.) The recording begins slightly abruptly and is not of the very highest quality, but you might find it interesting nonetheless. Approx. 90… Read More »Lecture: Creative Reading

Trees, Wind, Light

I made this video at Gualala Point on January 20, 2017. It was a cold and blustery day with sudden showers that soaked you through your rain gear, but we also saw a rainbow.

Cat Gone Two Weeks

This poem was originally published in the 2016 Mendocino Poets in the Schools Anthology, alongside dozens of poems by my students. Recently, I was teaching rhyme to a class of fourth graders when one student raised her hand and said, “Why don’t we read your cat poem?” I was delighted. To be famous to your students is like Naomi Shihab Nye’s river being famous to the fish. Cat Gone Two Weeks by Jasper Henderson Cat be nimble           Cat be quick Cat sleep on window           And then get sick Cat be happy      … Read More »Cat Gone Two Weeks