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Lightplay 11 – Rainbow

What follows is an installment of Lightplay, my email newsletter. To receive this in your email inbox, subscribe here. Dear Reader — I hope that this Sunday you’ve had space to exhale, relax, and take stock. I know I have. The election is over. Thank you, each of you who helped rebuke this band of would-be authoritarians, be it by voting, volunteering, giving money, protesting, having hard conversations, and never going along with the worst of it. We did it. I am going to keep this letter short. There will be plenty of time to explore what it all means.… Read More »Lightplay 11 – Rainbow

Jasper as Photographer

Photographic media—silver halides, digital sensors, optical nerves—are the most direct way to capture light. That’s why I use them whenever I get the chance. From when I built a camera obscura in my dorm room to when my first camera was stolen to when I got my first smartphone, cameras are a big part of how I interact with the world. Today I mostly post photos here on this website. Peruse my albums from an early summer in Maine, an apocalyptic western road trip, and a trip to the desert. Below you can find my latest photographic postings on this… Read More »Jasper as Photographer

Trees, Wind, Light

I made this video at Gualala Point on January 20, 2017. It was a cold and blustery day with sudden showers that soaked you through your rain gear, but we also saw a rainbow.