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Jasper as Designer

I joined my school newspaper in ninth grade and started moving type around, pairing text and image, and, a few weeks later, holding the printed results in my hands. I’ve been setting type ever since. I’m the creative director for Noyo Review, a literary magazine. I design books for poets and fiction writers. I created a baker’s log to keep track of breadmaking variables. I designed, edited, and published six anthologies of my students’ poetry writing. I am the graphic designer for the Mendocino Coast Writers’ Conference. I have built dozens of websites and designed many posters, postcards, and logos.… Read More »Jasper as Designer

Baker’s Log

Here you can download my Baker’s Log, a handy form that makes it easy to keep track of baking variables: I’m offering it for free, but I reserve the copyright. Please don’t distribute without my permission. This is what the log looks like filled out:

Mr. Buff

. This is┬áthe end of the line. All that’s left is Mr. Buff. And he’s in the middle of a mud bath.